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Let's download the Punjabi Gurmukhi Mobile App

Learn Punjabi Gurmukhi Learn Punjabi Lippi

Overview of Punjabi Gurmukhi Animation App

This animated Punjabi Gurmukhi app is designed to capture the imagination of kids who want to learn Punjabi alphabet. The application contains six sets of learning tools, including Punjabi varmala, fruit names, one to twenty numbers, month names, weekdays, and desi month names.

Gurmukhi Lippi for kids
Learn Punjabi Alphabets

The Goal

Our team of developers and designers aimed to make Punjabi Gurmukhi App a truly universal application which is accessible on multiple screens and platforms with unique graphics to make it stand out from the punjabi crowd all over the world.

Punjabi Alphabets for Fun Learning

The Idea

The main idea was to spread punjabi to all over the world. It is created not only for kids also adult can learn punjabi at any stage of age. Our team creates and develops an easy and flexible Punjabi Alphabet platform for punjabi learners.


Character Inspiration

Punjabi Gurmukhi Animation app comprises of various characters, which is very popular in kids these days. All characters are made in illustrator followed by rough sketches.

Features of Mobile App


Learn Punjabi Alphabets, Weekdays, Numbers Etc.


Learn Punjabi Alphabets, animal names etc with fun animation

Punjabi Numbers

Learn Punjabi Numbers 1 to 20

Punjabi Gurmukhi Animation mobile app, Please download at given below link

The graphics and animation of applications are created by professionals; Moreover, the pronunciation of words is tested by the literature experts. We created an app available in punjabi language integrated some advanced features where you can put your can learn punajbi in a fun way.

Let's download the Punjabi Gurmukhi Mobile App

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